Ttoppoki to the rescue!

This week has been extremely busy. So busy in fact that I’ve managed to lose 2kg over the past week. Today I finally found some time to stuff my face, so I settled for something that is convenient, cheap, and still amazing. Korean Toppoki!

This little fast food stop makes toppoki just the way it is in Korea and I can tell you that this author couldn’t have been happier! Yum!!   


玉石烤肉–종로짜장–Jongro Jjajang

Sometimes you just have to have a certain food. It pops up in your mind and never leaves just like that one guest at your parties. No matter how hard you try to forget, you know that the only way to return to peace is to eat the food.

One menu that this is often the case for is Jjajangmyun (짜장면). In Korea this is a delivery food that is very easy to come across, but in Arizona and apparently Beijing, it isn’t so easy.

I wasn’t about to give up though, because neither was my craving. With persistence I was able to discover the restaurant that I’d like to introduce to you today. 
  The restaurant is located in ULO park, which is a small plaza in south WangJing. Owned by a Korean, it serves food catered to the tastes of Koreans (exactly what I was looking for).
  It isn’t fancy by any means, but it is much better than many of the Chinese restaurants that you will commonly see in Beijing. I have heard many good things about this restaurant; however, my mission was to try the 짜장면 (Jjajangmyun). Being one person, it didn’t make sense to order more than that. (Even though my stomach highly disagreed.
  I ordered 간짜장 which is Jjajangmyun that doesn’t have water added to it in the frying process. It cost 35RMB which equates to about $6.00.

  Post-mixing :D:D:D  ..and with kimchi!
It didn’t take me long to eat all of the noodles. The environment of the restaurant is definitely not for those seeking peace and quiet. It is a very busy restaurant that serves many customers, likely a testament to the quality of the food. The servers are running back and forth fulfilling requests, and I can vouch for their service. They refill the side dishes as soon as they are emptied.

Over all this bustling, busy restaurant deserves the praise that it receives. Affordable food, great service, and ample seating provides a good experience for that person looking to satisfy an unwavering craving.