A Greater Purpose

June 1, 2017 Edgar Chang
Joseph resolved to solve his issue on his own accord. He was a respectable man and was very conscious of the feelings of others. When his predicament became unavoidable, he made a plan to take care of it on his own. He chose a path that would be quiet and would avoid as much pain as possible for those involved.
He soon realized through his mentor’s assessment of the problem that he, however, had missed the big picture. He hadn’t taken into account the long term plan. He hadn’t taken into account his greater purpose.
As we live our day to day lives, it is all too easy to become narrowly focused on the issues that present themselves each day. We put out fires here and there. We chase solutions to problems that pop up. As time passes, we get lost in the business of life and we lose sight of the big picture.
What is the big picture? Why is it important? What does it do for you?
The big picture is what should be driving every decision you make. It is the picture of your entire life that you see when you look back from the standpoint of your deathbed. When you are 80+ years old and have nearly completing living your life, what picture do you see as you look back on your life? This picture is something that you get to determine. Yes, some of the details may not be exactly planned or executed by you, but the overall picture, you have the power to create.
This big picture is in essence your “greater purpose”. Your greater purpose is important because it directs you and guides you in every situation. All of your decisions can be based on it and it is trustworthy because it is based upon a long-term view of life. Your decisions are not guided by what will happen in the next few years, but rather the ramifications of your decisionsĀ  over the time of your entire life.
Additionally, if your greater purpose, your big picture, is clear enough, you can withstand any difficulty or any hardship. When you hit any sort of bottom, you assess where you stand in relation to the direction you want to be headed and you adjust accordingly. Therefore, in any circumstance, you always have hope. Hope in your future will strengthen you and enable you to do much more than if you only focused on the short-term future. Your greater purpose is what makes this possible.
Spend some time reflecting on your big picture. What does it look like? What will you have accomplished? What do you want to be known for? What sort of story do you want to be told? What is most important to you?

This will become your Greater Purpose.

Once you begin to establish a clearer picture (it will take time), follow the next steps to ensure your success.

1) When facing any decision, seek the root of the problem.
2) Use your Greater Purpose as a measuring stick to understand the extent of the problem.
3) Based upon your assessment, seek advice from a trustworthy individual (mentor, friend, family, anyone you believe) that understands you and your purpose, for their thoughts.
4) Create a plan of action based upon your purpose.
5) Act accordingly.
6) Always have faith in the long term.
Have hope, friend. When you see the bigger picture of your existence and understand the vast implications of your person, you will realize the power that you currently have in the present. Let your dreams grow, and let your potential flow, you exist for a greater purpose!

What are your thoughts?

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