The Beginning of a Long Journey

April 7, 2017 Edgar Chang
It seems everybody has their beginnings. It looks different for everyone and starts at a different time for each individual. However, it seems that no matter its shape, it is the most important moment in our lives.

When does life actually begin? Does it begin when we are born? Does it begin in college once we gain our independence? Does it begin in retirement once we are free from the bondage of work?

When does life actually begin?

I believe it begins the moment we discover our purpose. Here, purpose describes the reason by which you are motivated to action each and every waking moment. Many of us have yet to discover such a purpose, such a reason for living.

We work hard each and every day, toiling away at school, at work, at home, or in any other place in which we are given tasks. We strive to earn a comfortable living in hopes of discovering happiness. We push harder each day, we get up when we are knocked down. We struggle to live. Then the day comes when we look back, and we suddenly realize that we are lost. We don’t know why we have done what we’ve done. Everything seems to have been for nothing. It is in this moment that we need our purpose.

Our personal purpose gives us meaning. It gives us a reason to do everything that we do. It guides us when we are lost. It encourages us when hope is lost. It is the light that guides our feet. How beautiful would it be to know exactly why you exist in this world? How wonderful would it be to have unwavering faith in the work that you do?

Each of us has a beginning. Maybe you don’t know your purpose. Maybe you haven’t been lost yet. Maybe you are somewhere in the middle. No matter where you are, be encouraged. Your beginning can be now. In this moment, decide to begin. Discover your life’s purpose and begin to thrive. Begin to hope. Begin to be encouraged. Begin to live a purpose driven life.


What are your thoughts?

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