Stay faithful to the principles

May 7, 2017 Edgar Chang
In our lives, whether personal or professional, at home or in the office, we always face a multitude of decisions. We make decisions each and every day that have some sort of effect on our lives and on the lives of others. Make a good decisions and enjoy the benefits, but make a bad decision and you will have to deal with the unfortunate circumstance that results.
How do we make the right decision? What is the “right” decision? Does it even exist? Is there only a relatively right decision?
The best decision will always be the decision that has a net positive effect for everyone. Of course, this cannot be measured by a single human’s standards, as each person’s standard varies. This is the inherent problem to answering the questions. Human standards are imperfect. This is why we have been tossed into the endless trap of increased tolerance.
Tolerance is not the answer to our problems, it only magnifies them by making it “okay”. Supreme standards should be established on principles that everyone in the world does, in face, agree on.
We can all agree that honesty and integrity are necessary. We can also agree that hard-work and passion are importance. I am also confident that we understand that an efficient and effective use of time is critical in all that we do. In addition, compassion, patience, forgiveness, love, kindness, mercy, grace, caring, confidence, devotion, determination, open-minded, and many other universally good traits are the perfect place to base our standard on.
Then our decision should rest upon the determination of whether the action meets the ultimate standard. Will what I am about to do enforce all of these positive ideas, or will it detract from them? Will my actions promote these positive traits in myself and others, or will it push us into the wrong direction?
We must stick to strong, foundational principles. Without basing your life and your decisions on sound principles, you cannot build anything upon it.
1. Recognize the core principles by which you should live.
2. Reflect upon your current position in relation to these principles.
3. Use these principles to guide your decisions.
4. Reflect often.

What are your thoughts?

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