Do you care?

May 5, 2017 Edgar Chang
The world we live in encourages us to take care of ourselves. It almost encourages us too much. We become so focused on our well-being that many times, we forget about the well-being of others. The question that I asked myself today and the question I wish to pose to everyone else is, “Do you really care?”
The question is purposefully broad. I don’t ask if you care about any particular thing or person. This is because I personally want to, through this question, ponder what it means to care and discover what I truly care about.

You see… our actions show the world what we care about. What we talk about and the actions we take each and every day, show to the world what is most important to us. Are we focused solely on our own careers? Do we take the time to listen to others? Is the development of other people important? Do you consider the full effect of your decisions? Each and every one of us has a corporate responsibility. We are responsible for ourselves and our families. We are responsible for society, as well.

It is easy to get lost in the false message that we are victims of circumstance. As long as we are the victims, we are powerless to make change. When we realize that we are where we are because of the decisions we have made, we return to ourselves the power that enables us to cause positive change.

What decisions do you make every day? What do these decisions say about you and your priorities? What message does your actions send to the world? Does that message align with what you truly believe and what you truly set out to accomplish?
Evaluate. Assess. Align. Execute.
Do what you really believe in. Discover what you truly care about and make sure your actions align. Don’t limit yourself by caring only about yourself. Broaden your scope and see the amazing difference it will make in your life.



What are your thoughts?

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